Q: How do I get a tattoo from you?
A1: Click here to book a portrait or send me a tattoo request form!

Q: What style do you tattoo?
A: I do primarily black and grey, in what I call "Illustrative Realism" style

Q: What the heck is "Illustrative Realism"?
A: Well...it's a phrase I made up :) Basically, I try to do my tattoos in a way that incorporates high contrast and art strokes with realism to get an end product that has an artistic feel and will hold up over time.

Q: What subjects do you like tattooing?
A: Mainly portraits (animals/pets & people), flowers, and landscapes.

Q: What are your rates?
A: - $500 Flat rate for portraits (palm to hand sized, depending on placement)
- $1000 flat rate for a full day (up to 7 hours)
- $200/ hour for actual tattoo time on all other pieces.
for bigger pieces, The end cost really just depends on how detailed and how big the piece is. For a "normal" full front or back forearm piece, it's about 4 hours. For a "Normal" full half sleeve, it's around 8-10 hours. Just for a very rough estimate :)

Q: do you take any idea that comes your way?
A: no. I try and only take on projects that are in the sweet spot of my style and subject matter.

Q: How does the design process work?
A1: For portraits:
- You give me the best quality photo and I'll get it all ready to go!
A2: For custom pieces: 
1. you submit a booking request here
2. I will look over your request and get back to you within 36 hours!
3. if it's a project that is in my wheelhouse and one I'd like to work with you on, then your request will be approved. 
if it's something outside my wheelhouse or something I am not interested in tackling, your request will be denied, but I'll send you info on what would need to change or suggestions on other artists who can help better.

Easy as that :)
(If there are no times available when you are looking to book, fear not, I open new times every couple weeks)
- I will start working on your design a couple weeks out from your appointment. If I need more info from you at that time, I'll send you an email.
- Once I have the design ready I'll send it your way for approval!

Q: What can I expect at our tattoo appointment?
A: - When you come in I'll have the design ready in a few different sizes, so we can see what fits best.
- Once we figure that out, I'll get the stencil ready while you fill out a waiver form.
- After that we will get the stencil placed on you to your liking, which is the final time for adjustments.
- From there on out it's tattoo time! We can listen to whatever music you like, watch Netflix, tell stories, talk about the meaning of life, or just enjoy the silent zen of tattooing. Whatever you like :)

Q: Can I bring a guest?
A: I prefer that you don't (it's just easier that way), but if you'd like to, I ask that you limit it to one person 15 years old or older.

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